Geriatric Care

Senior Citizen Care Centre (Vadil Mavjat Kendra):

Sadvichar Parivar has recently started a senior citizen care centre (Vadil Mavjat Kendra) at Satellite campus to provide comprehensive care to the old age people facing various kinds of difficulties.

Sadvichar Parivar Geriatric Care activity as Senior Citizen Care Centre

Regular Health Check-ups and Treatment:

Sadvichar Parivar Geriatric Care activity for Regular Health Check-ups and Treatment

Sadvichar Parivar has been registering senior citizens to provide them regular health check-ups as well as required treatment through a team of experienced doctors.

Tiffin Service for Senior Citizens:

Sadvichar Parivar provides a hygienically prepared nutritional food through a tiffin service to senior citizens who are unable to arrange cooking at home. Currently daily over 250 tiffins are supplied in a radius of five kilometres from our Satellite centre.

Sadvichar Parivar Geriatric Care activity as Tiffin Service

Varishtha Gaurav Group:

Sadvichar Parivar Geriatric Care activity of Varishtha Gaurav Group

A group of 115 senior citizens (‘Varishtha Gaurav Group’) are meeting in the evening for sharing their common interest and organise variety of programmes.