Health Care

"Health is a real Wealth"

Sadvichar Parivar Healthcare chart

Health Care Services Available at Sadvichar


  • Out Patient Care
  • Consultation
  • Dental Care
  • Pathology Laboratory
  • Eye care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Geriatric care
  • Pre-natal care


  • Eye care
  • Dental Care
  • Gynaecological care
  • Dialysis
  • Physiotherapy


  • Eye care
  • Dental Care
  • Physiotherapy


  • Medical aides
  • Free medicines


  • Medical aides
  • Free medicines


  • Physiotherapy

Sadvichar Parivar provides health care services in the following areas through its health care units located at Satellite, Naroda, V.S. Hospital, L.G. Hospital and Maninagar (all in Ahmedabad), Uvarsad (Gandhinagar) and Godhara.

Free outpatient care:

Health care expenditure is one of the most common reasons of impoverishment in India. Most of the people have to pay out of the pocket for their health. Hence often people with limited or no source of income especially women neglect their health related issues which leads them to further deteriorated.

Since last five years Sadvichar Parivar runs ‘Kusumben Hareshchandra Parekh Senior Citizen Care Centre’ – a primary health care centre which focuses on free primary care to elderly. However, the centre also serves large number of women, children and other poor people of nomadic community and other marginalized communities of the neighbourhood. Today the centre attends around ten thousand patients every year.

Sadvichar Parivar Healthcare chart
Sadvichar Parivar Healthcare

The organisation has a wide network of expert doctors of multiple disciplines including dietician, oncologist, cardiologist, skin specialist etc. People who need further investigation or treatment are referred to the respective consultant at Dr. Nitin Sumant Shah Arogya SEWA Sankul of Sadvichar Parivar. Many people across the state and sometimes from neighbouring state Rajasthan also come to the centre seeking second opinion for critical ailments like cancer.

Pathology care:

In collaboration with Zydus Hospital, the organisation runs a pathology centre with preliminary testing facilities. People can walk in for a simple blood test and know their Haemoglobin and sugar level at minimal rates.

Recently in collaboration with Red Cross Society, Ahmedabad West Sadvichar Parivar has enhanced its services for different blood and body check ups. Now over 300 tests are done at this new centre with the help of Red Cross Society Ahmedabad West at a very nominal rates.

Sadvichar Parivar Healthcare Pathology Care

Ophthalmic care:

Since last two years our Satellite based health centre has been providing services for eye check-ups and spectacles to poor and needy people. Since over three decades our Naroda, Ahmedabad based ‘Shri Hargovandas Prabhudas Patel Sadvichar Parivar Eye Hospital’ provides primary health care as well as secondary care for eye care, dental care and physiotherapy treatment. The hospital also organises eye camps in neighbourhoods of the city. Every year the hospital attends nearly 30,000 (Thirty thousand) patients for treatment and surgeries.

Sadvichar Parivar Healthcare Opthalmic care

Our Godhara (Gujarat) based P.T. Mirani Eye Hospital primarily started with providing eye care to the rural and tribal people of Godhara district. Over a period, the hospital has extended its services and now ‘Sadaba Health Complex’ has become an iconic health care provider in entire district with multiple services including maternity, dialysis along with eye care.

Dental Care:

This service is available at Satellite, Naroda and Godhara centres at very nominal rates. The service includes check-up and treatment of various dental problems and preparing dentures for the patients who need it.

Sadvichar Parivar Healthcare Dental Care


Sadvichar Parivar Healthcare Physiotherapy

The organisation provides physiotherapy treatment at its Satellite, Naroda, Uvarsad and Godhara centres.

Other Health Sevices:

In addition, special consultation services by the expert doctors including oncologist, ENT specialist, cardiologist, dietician, gynaecologist, skin specialist etc. are available at nominal rate for senior citizens, women and poor people.

Sadvichar Parivar Healthcare other Services