Youth and Skill Development

"Youth is a future of India"

Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Institute:

Sadvichar Parivar in collaboration with Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Institute promoted by Ambuja Cement Foundation is providing vocational training in 16 trades and vocations at Uvarsad near Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat State.

Sadvichar Parivar Youth Development activity for Skill and Entrepreneurship Development

Personality Development Courses:

Sadvichar Parivar Youth Development activity for Personality Development

Personality Development courses for the youth to motivate them with higher goal in life and realising the potential of their personality and skills is a new initiative of Sadvichar Parivar for the youth of the city. In last two years around thirty five young boys and girls are covered through this programme.

Coatching and Career Counselling:

Sadvichar Parivar coaches the candidates of competitive exams for examinations as well as interviews.

Sadvichar Parivar plans to have coaching facility in selected subjects and also provide career counselling.

Sadvichar Parivar Youth Development activity for Coatching and Career Counselling