"Education is the real change maker"

Make A Difference:

Children from poor and deprived families are imparted training multiple subjects by ‘Make A Difference’ organisation. Sadvichar Parivar has provided space and other support to ‘Make A Difference’ organisation in its endeavour of holistic development of disadvantaged children of marginalized communities.

Sadvichar Parivar Education activity
Sadvichar Parivar Education activity

Children from municipal school are provided infrastructure and academic support in collaboration with ‘Make A Difference’.

Computer Education:

Persons of all age group are imparted skills in programmes related to computer and digital work. The course recognised by the Government are available at nominal fees.

Sadvichar Parivar Education activity for Computer Education

Teaching Different International Languages:

Sadvichar Parivar Education activity for Teaching Languages

A language centre teaches English, French Chinese and Japanese languages at basic level.

Residential School for Physically Challenged Children:

A residential school for physically challenged children from 1 – 12 class is run with a strength of 200 students.

Sadvichar Parivar Education activity Residential School for Physically Challenged Children

Preparations for Various Competitive Examinations:

Sadvichar Parivar Education activity for Various Competitive Examinations

An air-conditioned, silent and conducive environment is provided to the students preparing for various competitive examinations. Our students have performed quite well. Hundreds of students have been selected for higher posts in Government through GPSC (Gujarat Public Service Commission) and UPSC (Union Public Service Commission).